Reflection - Unit 7


My original idea for my project was designing a wardrobe, based on the traditional thinking that clothes have to put into the wardrobe. But after I tried to develop my initial ideas of wardrobe, I found out the design of the wardrobe is too heavy and bulky looking. So I started to think about the inside structure of wardrobe, and to consider about what is important to keep in my design. I realized the clothes rail and clothes hanger are the key for holding the clothes. Because they are easy to organize, and help people to see their clothes in more straight forward way, which clearly shows to people what they been bought. Also, I think I can focused on the design of clothes hanger and clothes rail, because both are looking much light-footed in the design and have some spaces to breath in the spatial area. However, rather than showing my starting point as to shows end users all of their clothes, I think I can develop this idea from displaying to category the clothes, so end users know how many similar clothes that they been bought from the same area.

I think I probably will do the chosen of material bit differently, what I mean by that is I still will using linen this type of fabric, because this fabric represents the style of MUJI specially which reacts to my research. But I will do the testing and researching more carefully, because the linen was not strong enough to hold the shape of whole bag. The research that I did for interfacing was too late, so when I realized I need to using the interfacing afterwards, I already finished the sewing edge of fabric. Thus, if I have more time, I will do this piece as my test piece, then starting doing the final one with sewing the interfacing first, and test out different hardness of interfacing that will effects my final shape of my final design.

The successful aspect that I did for this project, I think will be the research part, it based on the wide range of research which from different aspects. I also asked some of my friends who are from different pathways to give me some feedback for my final product, by guessing what the meaning and function behind it without my explaining. Some of them think this categories clothes bag is bit pointless, because people can just buy one more bag if one is not enough for put all the clothes in. But some of them, after heard my explanation, they think it is really goo idea and they will buy it if it is in shops.

The last regretful is that I think I did not achieve all of what I wrote in my unit7 proposal writing. The missing part is the idea of apps using - ‘I will look at virtual/digital solutions and explore the use of apps as problem solving devices.’ I did some research on the apps, and I got some probable ideas that  might can be useful for my final outcome, but I have to time to do it. Also, I think my final product is strong and clearly enough to show everything of what stuff people been using and buying.

Fri / 13 / Apr / 2018

I went to the metal workshop today to do my improvement of my final outcome.

I learnt how to cut and sanding for the metal.

Feedback from my friends :

A, thinks my final product looks like MUJI's - I think it is good way to show I understand what is my reference's feature.

B, didn't get what I am doing, but after see the final outcome, she think it is a good idea, but a bit pointless, because people might can just buy other one if one is not enough for using.

C, said will buy it if see it in the shops.

D, the colour is looking nice because the hand dye. 

Thu / 12 / Apr / 2018

We are having a professional photography photoshoot today, so I bring all the props that I need for taking this photoshoot, like some of my own clothes, accessories and shoes.

What I learnt from today and from my tutors are  how to choose the best props that highlights your product.

Basically, what I mean by that is I bring quite a lot of my props, but only 1/3 has been used in the photoshoot, so I marked down some notes from what I been learnt and noticed during today.

No black or dark colour’s clothes, they won’t show details in the photo

Too much clothes will take off the focus from your product, so less clothes

Prefer plain white and small clothes, not bulky

Be careful with the balance of the composition of the photo, because the props can make it looks which side is heavier or lighter

Also, my tutor gives me the advice for my final product about the top hanging part of the bag, that I can put the metal wire into the sewed edge of fabric, so it stays and keeps the shape.

Wed / 11 / Apr / 2018

I learnt how to plan forward in my head before making, and think about any back up ideas, in case of any ‘accident’ caused.

During the making, I also learnt how to cope with PVC this type of material, and doing sewing with it is bit harder than I thought, during the process of sewing PVC with linen is bit like unpredictable result will comes up, so I have to clam down my mentality told myself it is fine like some of details are not perfect, you learn the lesson, gain the experience from it.

At the end, after the final looking comes up, I am happy the whole shape and looking is the exactly the same as I thought and sketched down before.

But!!!!! The only regretful part is the interfacing!!!! Although the shape of top of hanging parts are stable now with double PVC layer around, but I think after I put some stuff into the pocket, they will get to droop down. I have to figure out the solving way of this problem.

Tue / 10 / Apr / 2018

I want to make the double layers of PVC pockets, because I think if I designed this for put in accessories and footwear, the PVC is easy to clear after dirty, specially muddy, you can just wipe it. Can’t imagine if the muddy on the linen fabric and gets hard to clear up and wash. However, I think the old idea of design of pocket is too boring.

I test the length that I want, and went to the fabric shop again to get more of PVC sheet.

Sun / 8 / Apr / 2018

I learnt how to hand dye the fabric.

After I hanged them to dry, I realized the fabric colour of the folded mark’s areas are much darker than other areas, and some of small areas are lighter than other areas. In total, the colour that presents in the whole fabric doesn’t look very uniform. So I asked one of my friend who is studying MA menswear, she said this is normal and usual, because this is the special effect that only hand dye can do, and fabric likes linen won’t absorb less colour ompare to other type of fabric.

After dry, I think the purple one is bit dark, so I tried to wash over for few times, which helps lighter colour.

Sat / 7 / Apr / 2018

I learnt how to use sewing machine, and how to set up with the thread. Also, I learnt how to sewing the edge of fabric in correct way.

Also, understand and learnt what is interfacing and what does it do with fabric.

I went to the fabric shop and bought the interfacing, but it doesn’t work at all, which means  I have to think about other plan to make the top of hanging part is stable and harder, and using without interfacing, because firstly I have no time to buy a other one, secondly, the interfacing might can’t be colour dye. So I tried put the interfacing into colour fabric dye, it works, but the colour still stay quite light, compares to with the effect of after fabric after colour dye.

Thus I changed my idea from plan A to plan B, rather using clamps to hold the shape and PVC pockets, I rather can sewing straight directly with the fabric to get the effect that I want, which also can keep the bag in the shape that I want.

Fri / 6 / Apr / 2018

I was been ill for couple of days, while I still thinking about developing my idea and planning how to make my final outcome in my head and quickly sketch down.

During the process of cutting linen fabric, I understand how this type of fabric feels and works, it is really easy to have a folded marks and flexible. After I put it into wash machine and tumble dry, it becomes a bit softer and not flat anymore. So I decide to cut the size that I want, which the width need to suit normal clothes hanger, which around 45cm, and the length I decide 2 of 1m and 1 of 3m.

Also, I learned how to set up into different temperature for clothes iron that suitable for different type of fabric. And if the steaming water set up is on, it helps ironing quick and fabric flatter.

Fri / 30 / Mar / 2018

The stripes that I used for testing fabric colour dye, after I washed it and let them dry, compare to before, the whole colour is bit lighter and more obverse.

After I decide to make categories bag for clothes, accessories, and footwear, I start looking at some material for the pockets that around the bag and for put accessories and footwear.

My first thought is the material of the pockets have to be transparent, because I want to make the customer to see how much stuff they been bought and have, specially put along side with clothes, so people can easy see what to wear today or how to style today.

Thu / 29 / Mar / 2018

I washed all of the stripes and let them dry again to see what will happens.

However, I change my idea again, because I found out why can’t I just combine the categories bag and accessories and footwear stand together? And other reason for why I want combine these two product together is because I found the design of categories bag is too simple, it makes me feel everybody can do it, like there is no point customer will buy it. So I decide to re-design my final design idea.

I want to make some pockets around the outside of categories bag, for put accessories and footwear in, and I also want the pockets are made by transparent material. I been think about PVC or voile, because I want to make people can see everything that they been bought and see and feel the volume and size of it.

Wed / 28 / Mar / 2018

I did some experimenting with fabric colour dye today. I cut down some stripes and wash it before I use it. And looked at the research that I found from online videos. I tried different versions, group one is experimenting with different volume of dye powder, group two is experimenting with different timing but stay in the same volume of dye powder. Because I want to know what element will effects the result of colour lasting. So I can dye the fabric into different levels of colour next time by change the time of staying water and volume of dye powder.

I let all them dry for one day, although the video said dry and wash again in the same day. But I think if I let them dry for a day, the colour might be stay stronger with the fabric.

Tue / 27 / Mar / 2018

I used the 1meter linen fabric that I bought to scale down the final real size, I realized the 1m only can fit in Top category and Bottom category, so I was plan to go to the fabric shop again to buy longer one, probably 2m or 3m. The width will be near the size of clothes handle which is around 45cm. Also, I did some experimenting with colour, because the fabric is white, I want to see what effect will be caused if I put it with white clothes, is it still will be obversely again or not, cause I want to the categories bag shows clear enough to show different clothes categories in quite strong and straight forward way.

Then I start looking at the fabric colour dye online, and start doing some research about how to use fabric colour dye and how to dye colour on fabric.

Mon / 26 / Mar / 2018

I start think about new idea for my design, because I think rather design a wardrobe that people can’t easily to buy with, people need more like a product that I can easily buy with and to use. So I change my idea from design a wardrobe to design a categories bag. And I found some inspirations from my old ideas sketching. So I decide to make few categories bags and footwear and accessories wooden stands. Also, I have few ideas of designing an APP for this project, that can helps with my product.

Thu / 22 / Mar / 2018

During the lunch time, I went the fabric shop to buy some linen fabric that I want to doing experimenting with. I need the linen which it has to be white colour, so I can easy dye the colour with it, and it has to be a bit thick but not to much, thus it won’t change the shape when I am hanging it. However, it has quite strong texture feeling. Which I learnt how to choose different types of linen fabric that I want, and difference between linen and other fabric.

Also, the lady from the fabric shop tells me you have to wash the fabric first before you do anything with it, specially the type of linen fabric will shrink down around maybe 10%.

After the afternoon lecture about our final assessment submission and end year exhibition, I make plan that I need to follow with during the Easter holiday.

Wed / 21 / Mar / 2018

I went to 4D model shop, because I want to find some special fabric, I found silicone translucent sheet, it is very flexible, but I am not sure is it the best material to choose with, so I went to the CSM material library, try to find some type of fabric that I want. Then I saw the linen, I think it is very good material to use and dye the colour with, it is light and flexible, could be thin or thick, it depends what type of fabric it mixes with, it is soft but you can still feel the texture. So I focused on the linen and started my research on it.

Tue / 20 / Mar / 2018

We also did workshop called Make it day, by using recycled materials and found materials to quickly build our final product in 1 to 1 real size. I like this workshop, because I had similar idea before, this workshop gives me opportunity to make it happens. Because I think this is really helpful and quick way to look at our final outcome into real size in reality, and consider about the atermoshpphere that product brings in and the visual looking impact it causes.

After that, we did another workshop called Narratives, I found it quite interesting and helpful to me, because it uses really relax and normal style to explain our final outcome, by using make a story behind our final outcome, which helps our customers easy to understand what are we doing and what are we doing for.

Some notes from tutorial:

Tutor asked me few questions like why people go to shopping, which shop is my favorite and why. Thus, we have some feature information show below :




Easy to try things on

Display - see everything and touch everything

From these aspects start to re-think about my design, she suggested the wardrobe could design as a shop. So it stops people over shopping, because their wardrobes are already show up as a shop, make them feel like they have a shopping experience at home! She also thinks people should see all of the clothes they been bought and have, don't hide them behind the others. Other wise people won't know what I bought.

What I learnt from this conversation is I have to asked myself these question and use conclusions that I found from my research, and bring the these answers and conclusions into my design.

Mon / 19 / Mar / 2018

I did the workshop called Who, which helps me to specific my costumer in more detail way and helps me to think about the relationship in between my product and my costumer deeper and thoughtful. And doing the collage of this workshop is helping me visualise my costumers more.

We also did the workshop call Hats, which helps us thinking and reflecting deeper and wider in different aspects, but I don’t really enjoy doing it, because I already improved my old final design idea to the new one by think about similar questions to myself, and I think some of questions are just quite pointless, which have too much repetition in similar meaning.

Because I started with my new idea after I discussed with my classmate, and I decided to use casting materials for example: silicone, resin, rubber and laytex. I went to the plaster workshop and learnt the difference between each of them, and learnt how to make a mould in very quick and easy way by using vvvvvvv form. Also, the resources that I found at CSM material library helps me to get understand about silicone in more details.

I found the adjustable hook that I always use for by twisting it to hold some thing, and it was made by silicone I think, also I think it definitely has wire inside of it, thats why I can twist it in a lot of times. So I used it to test the friction force with different materials: wood, metal and plastic, the result coming out the wood is the best material to use with.


Sat / 17 / Mar / 2018

I went to CSM library with my classmate, and to find some book about joining methods.

Feedbacks from my classmates :

Too much rules, customers won’t have time and mood to hear you to explain it or check the information about how to use it. Too much boxes, even there are made from recycled materials, customers won’t follow the rules if the design is too complicated.

Suggestions from my classmate :

Think about maybe design the appearance of box like bin, so customer understands what does that box do, rather than all of them are designed the same and use label to identify each of them.

Think about other way to organize the clothes, don’t stuck in storage idea too much.

Focus on the idea of relationship between people and clothes, not clothes and wardrobe.

So I start thinking about other new design idea for my final outcome. I remove the messy area design, just keep the hanging part, and think about minimalism design - what is the most important to keep.

Fri / 16 / Mar / 2018

I went to the workshop to do my new miniature model for my new design idea of my final outcome.

Basically, I keep the original form, by adding some of form to make it has more room for specific categories. There are : clothes, shoes and accessories.

I tried three different types of joining, but didn’t end up well, so I need find other way to solve this problem.

However, I changed my material from wooden stick to metal stick, because I think the wooden one isn’t strong enough. Thus, I learned how to joining two part of metal stick together, and I learned how to curve it, twist it and change angle of it. Also, learned how to use some of machines in the metal workshop. And learned metal need to sanding too, otherwise, the joining part will be too sharp to hurt people.

But I need to test how to make curve by using wood.

Thu / 15 / Mar / 2018

Today, we had a 3DDA work in progress exhibition, I found that is really interesting to see other student’s pathway’s works from the same curriculum areas.


My personal feedback to JFFA:

Really good about thinking visual, and use it explain the whole story without writing, but should have some writing to explain why you chosen it and chosen it carefully. The material exploring is fascinating and in board range. The difference between JFFA and PDC is that I found JFFA’s work is more personal, but PDC’s work needs to concern and think about group of people, is more for other people. Also, PDC’s work is more inviting people to touch and interact with the product, but JFFA’s work is more looking at it, can’t touch, like fine art’s work. Some of sketching ability could be much better and more detail, because some of sketching I can’t understand what are they trying to do.


My personal feedback to ASD:

Some really nice sketching and drawings, the researches are really good and in wide range, but it seems like not that helpful for final outcome, because some of works, I feel like their researches didn't respond to their final outcome. This feels like they done good research, but not good enough in final outcome. And, there are some technical sheet, but didn’t explain where you used it or not, I feel more like it is just a piece of technical research that you have to put in, without to think about is it helpful for your project. Also, there are not enough 3D models, that we can touch or see, there are more about 2D models which build in computer’s softwares, is good skills to use, but that is not good enough for of 3D works. They are no material research and experimenting. However, I think the biggest difference between PDC and ASD is that ASD don’t have to think or concern about their works can be build in reality or not, but I think in PDC, we have to make it happens at some point of view.


My personal feedback from myself that where I should to improve in PDC:

I should done some material exploring and experimenting with it, and consider about where it gonna to put and how big it will be, to think about user reactions and feedback. Could do some  more of observation sketching and illustrations from my primary researches. Also, could try less wiring and use more visual language to express my project. But still need some clear writing to show why I chosen it and how it responds to my final outcome.


Feedback from JFFA for PDC:
Projects are a bit non-committal, students need to decide what to do.
Good amount and quality of workshop experimentation.
Thorough and methodical but still manages to maintain strong individual.
Good technical sketches to solve technical issues.
Sketchbooks – content generally good but layout is cluttered, not always a good flow of ideas.
Lots of creative ideas, clear that students care about the world and want to make a better life.


Feedback from ASD for PDC:

Liked the way that the research was user centered, questionnaires and looking at user lives – a good range of approaches to research – this is logical and then used in the design development.
Liked the materials exploration, hands on iterative process.

Liked the sheets that tell the whole story of the process in one glance.
Suggested more exploration through illustration could show options for what the outcomes could be in the end.
Seems to be a division with some students being function driven, others more concept/aesthetics driven.

Tue / 13 / Mar / 2018

Feedback from progress tutorial :

Watch the videos - IKEA flat pack empire

Looking Jasper Morrison

Credit and analysis all the researches - workflow and sketchbook

Developing or re-thinking the final ideas by looking at the miniature model

- e.g. adjustable, stopper, weight … (different versions)

- looking at some nice joining methods

- do more miniature models to tried out more of my ideas

The shape of my miniature model reminds her about the game called KerPlunk

Do the action plan!!!!!!! Then take photo of it upload to the workflow

Sat / 10 / Mar / 2018

I went to the CSM library because I want to find some nice secondary references in books. Also, I want to know about more of sustainable fashion.

I found one book called : minimalism product design, it writes about what is minimalism, how it goes popular, and why has it. Which help me to understand about the Japanese culture and Zen ideology in Buddhist, the idea of make it plain and keep it simple.

The other book that I found interesting about is called : the sustainable fashion handbook. It talks about overall aspects of sustainable fashion, from what is it, what cause to it, why doing it, and how to solve it. Which I found really clear and easy to understand while I am reading, the best thing about this book is that will highlights the key points for the reader, thats just so helpful. I learnt about the marketing behind charity, and the idea of per-clothes-to-wash service rather than sell the product, because too much washing and drying are both bad for the clothes and environment. Which helps people really consider and think about does my clothes really need to.

Fri / 9 / Mar / 2018

Because I missed the miniatures workshop on Wednesday,  so I went to the workshop for my miniatures model today.

I understanding we are 3D students, that have to keep deal with 3D stuff and material during the whole. I personally love it, because it gives me chance to go to the workshop, rather than just thinking and sketching on the piece of paper.

I used transplate acrylic and wood. The making process is the same as I planned in my mind. But, in my original plan, the equipment that I need to use for change the shape of the transplate acrylic is the oven, due to the machine is too slow to raise up , which I decide use other equipment that likes fire gun. I think this is much better than the oven, because the gun you can keep the shape where you want, and hotter the area where I want to be bent. If I put into oven, whole will be without control. Thus, l learned  every time when I need to use machine, compare them, then decide to which one is better.

The other thing is happening in unexpected way is stick acrylic and wood together, the super glue is not working, the PVA dries to long and slow, so I tried with glue gun again and it works. Also, the experience with nail varnish remover with transplate acrylic : it is alright to use a little bit for remove the pen mark, but not too much, otherwise, it will makes the dirty texture on the surface of it. If I found earlier and have more time, I will try use different level of sand paper to polish it.

Thu / 8 / Mar / 2018

On the morning, we did workshop called re-think workshop, which is about two of us pair each up and talk about our projects to the other, then think about more than 10 initial design ideas for my partner. I love this workshop, but it is just so hard to work with different area, my partner is doing some ASD area, so when I got the ideas from her, which are all about spacing, cause I really don’t like to think in huge scale where based on outdoor. However, it is good that both of us found interesting about talk to our project faced on different areas, because the aspects of each design outcomes just so different.

I signed for the tutor, because I been struggling about what I am doing now and not sure. Luckily I found her, otherwise, I just will keep waste time and think about that I am totally fine. Because it is really long project, sounds like. The feedbacks from my tutor :

Don’t design a wardrobe that used regular and traditional shape or form, it is boring.

Looking at some nice secondary references will be really helpful.

Doing some primary observation research about how people used their clothes.

Do the miniatures model.

What I learned from this tutorial :

Don’t think about that I am going to design a wardrobe, think about the relationship between clothes and people through the primary observation research photos of how people used their clothes.

Find the problems that I want to solve and focus with. Thus I did some interview again about what you found your clothes or wardrobe could improve more. The answer is :

Need some lights

Having trouble with dry clean

Hate the dust

Tue / 6 / Mar / 2018

I didn’t go to school today, because I just realized that I have a lot of need to catch with about my sketchbook.

I looked back to my Unit 7 proposal writing about action plan. I started to reflecting myself, why I am behind my action plan, why I didn’t managed my time. I found that I did too much work in research part, and most of them are literal, which used a lot of my time trying to understand it. Because I focused on research too much, due to that I totally forget about initial ideas.

Thus, I printed all of my researches out, most of them are primary research and started looking some initial ideas.

I learned how to avoid over-doing in the research : before start the research, write down the list of questions that you want to find the answer, then do the research after did this questions list.

Mon / 5 / Mar / 2018

I went to listen the lecture about the designer who is from Holland.

She basically talks about what she did and what she is doing now in different countries and with different people.

She told us it is totally fine that you cross over the areas, the art and design they are both been mixed to each other.

Some notes :

Forming a sense of self…

Transmitter (role of design and input/output)

Voice (metaphysical, belief system, question)

Awareness (understanding, empathy, standing still for a moment)

Transformation (rewriting, rethinking, speculation)

Craftsmanship (quality of making, transformation)

Nature (of objects, material, people, place, time)

Connectedness (open network, collaborative attitude)

I think if I have chance for my future to go to working in Holland, I will be so glad about it, because when I been to there at reading week, I saw a lot of different independent art and design studios, which just so different atmospheres  from London to there.

Fri / 2 / Mar / 2018

I went to the CSM library, after I completed my Unit 7 proposal writing, because I found much clear to know what I am doing and going to do. I started looking at my secondary references in this project. Thus I did some research on MUJI and Nanto Fukasawa.

Thus, I understand the culture and aesthetic behind Japanese. Specially, MUJI created this brand for really important reason, there products which represents in really traditional Japanese style and belief through the design. Also, the design helps consumers understand about what are they buying and what are they buying for.

Naoto Fukasawa shows what he believes on. He believes people are natural and objects are natural too, it quite refers back to what Donald A. Norman shows his thinking in the book called the deign of everyday things. By looking at two series from him, without thought and super normal, I understand about the purpose of design that will absolutely influence to consumer.

Thu / 1 / Mar / 2018

I went to see my tutor for my feedback of my Unit 7 proposal writing.

She helped me to reduce down some of sentences and words, which makes my project concept & description much clear and make sentences.

Also she told me to add some positive points of what that I want to achieve in this project about over-buying :

Less things (move around and carry with) - practical.

Less waste (landfill / materials / sustainability) - resources.

More economic (way to life and saving money)

Saving space (storage) - practical

Thus, I understand about what kind of key points that I need to add on and keep with in my wiring, and less repetition.

Tue / 27 / Feb / 2018

In today’s lecture about ‘Narratives in design’, I learned and understand the importance of story behind the product. Though these following aspects :

Who (creator and audience)

When (design process or user experience)

Where (internal to artefact or external)

Why (what does the narrative do or achieve)

What (what type of narrative is used)

In my opinion, I personally love this lecture, because I know that I want to have some story in my product which I always do. However, this lecture solves my question about can product be contextual. And the answer is yes, I think so, which gives me opportunity to look out about what other artists and designers did, also guess the story behind it in groups.


I did some quick interviews from my classmates about my project - overbuying, also asked some question about their shopping habits and the issue of overbuying. Which it helps me wider my research and provides different opinions from the others about my project.


My tutor thinks I can put more images on my Unit 7 proposal writing, because more images show more clear links between each of them, that gives the audiences kind of sense know about what am I doing.


I also asked my classmate about which title is better for my Unit 7 proposal writing, and they think the 'Less is More' one is much better than it others, because it is simple and easy to understand, also it shows straight forward about what I am doing for this project.

Mon / 26 / Feb / 2018

Speed dating - I totally love it! It helps me to communicate with other people, get some ideas and feedback from different aspect, also help me to change my mind and fresh my brain to think others project for rest.

Material Wall - experimenting the different material, like I never tried before - plaster. I learned how to mix plaster and water together, basically you have to put the plaster into water until you can see the little island as some shape pf plaster is coming out from the surface of water. Using hand to string it until you feel smooth and soft  and feel no more about the granule or hard texture. You have pull the plaster quickly, otherwise it will just become dry as solid. I also learned from plaster about how to catching and keeping the interesting shapes or movement from our life.

Sat / 24 / Feb / 2018

Me and my classmate we went to the V&A Museum together, because I like there is someone I can discuss with while I am in arty place.

We discussed about :

What the difference between Design and Craft?

Design is more focusing on functional, and craft is more focusing on aesthetic and decoration.

Can Aesthetic and Functional show together in one product?

We both think it can be, but won’t be equal, either aesthetic part shows more than functional part or other way around.

So why people buying Aesthetic product that isn’t functional at all?

Because rich people don’t care about run out space, they care about what the appropriate looks like in product sometimes.


My classmate also told me to look deeper and think deeper in some of ceramics product :

Why using this colour?

What it is and trying to show?

What it is for and how to use?

What material it used?

Fri / 23 / Feb / 2018

I went to the CSM library, tried to find the answer from question that about what is relationship between people and clothes through wardrobe, and what is consumerism, what cause it, why people doing it.

I also went to the Selfridges to get some inspiration around this question. Through in different level of brands which shows in really different shop design (layer design). For example, when I see a Gucci area, it designs as palace, the wall and floor are pink with really nice looking fur, the beautiful chair to seat, and nice clothes rail to see. It feels like the design is trying to get the consumer notice their brand style in more straight forward looking, and looking as set the story behind it. Compare this to the quick fashion shop that I been to, like HM, Zara, Topshop … there are sale and offer everywhere, the clothes are on the floor or not in ordered, there are no seat!

By looking at different brands treat their clothes, in the way of representing to the consumer just so different, the expensive brands put their clothes in quit big gap, so the clothes can breath and been seen to attract people, quite easy to loss self there, because of the price, people won’t quickly buy it without think a prices. But in some cheap brands, I feel the clothes are squishing to each other, there are have no space where I don’t know to focus on, there are too much stuff and thing going on, sometimes, I only can see sale in red label.

Tue / 20 / Feb / 2018

I went to the Van Gogh Museum at Amsterdam, Holland.

I learned from Van Gogh about how to improve ourselves to become an better artist, also shows what he thinks and looks about this world.

I learned and understand about because he wants to experiment the different effect of colour mixture, so he will do different version of one painting, and try different the way of using brushwork to show the texture of colour. However, he will try different compositions from one angle of landscape by quick sketching style, then start painting. Moreover, he still is trying to show the others how is he looking at this world, by using colour and brushwork, and he called this his own observation method. He loves Japanese graphic art, a lot of his work has been influenced by it. Though all of this I learned from Van Gogh, I understand the importance of doing a sketchbook, because it is the best way of showing my own thinking of this world, and recording down my evidences for fun and passion. Like I can try different colour using and material using to express my own observation method.

Thu / 15 / Feb / 2018

I understand and learned what is community of practice :

1. The domain: A shared domain (area) of interest

2. The community: Members engage in joint activities and discussions, help each other, and share information

3. The practice: Members develop a shared set of resources. Research, tools, ways of addressing problems - in short a shared practice


After discussing in community of practice, I got some really good reference that I can research, and got some really nice angles from different people’s thinking :

Special shop for ribbon - V V Roulenux - necessary shop ?

Books - second books - online book - electronic book

Clothes - have to visualize - can’t be online ? - buy from online - different medium and method

Harrods - Vetements - showcase - unwanted clothes - hoarding


However, I need to improve my workflow by following these points below :

Reflection : Regular, detailed, analytical, questioning, record feedback, explain, evaluate, reflective.

Research : Wide ranging, stimulating, relevant, inspirational, credited, annotated, analysed, explained, useful

Also, my research should be in wider ranging, for example research on :

* Your discipline

* Other creative disciplines

* Historic references / precedents

* Culture, philosophy, theory

* Everyday life / social practices

* Political context

* Technical information / materials


I learned how to do the annotation for the my research :

1. Credit the source (e.g. title, artist name, date, materials, location)

2. What do you know? Summarise what you have found out

3. What do you think? Analyse, interpret and explain the research

4. What next? How this could impact your own work

I understand deeper of different context aspects. So I did a new one.


Suggestions from tutors :

Making model before or during progressing tutorial, so tutors know what you are doing.

4.13 will be the day of professional photography day for my Unit 7 final outcome, so this will be the real deadline, bring USB get copy of photos.

Could start making some abstract model and present your ideas in abstract way now.


Also she told me to change my title by use some interesting words, and remember focus on overbuying, not hoarding.

Tue /13 / Feb / 2018

After I meet Pauline, I improved my Unit 7 proposal writing though the feedbacks and questions she gave to me from the last time. Then I went to see her again.

We both think the words should be reduce down, avoid some repetition sentences.

She told me to change some paragraphs’s order, which shows more clearly understanding of my idea.

Also, she told me to be careful about the vocabulary using, like don’t use ‘problem’, use ‘issue’, because ‘problem’ is all of people think it is a problem, like some of people might think the overbuying isn’t an issue.

She suggested the starting point of responses of overbuying could be from different angles in second paragraph, and focus on explain the relationship between overbuying and hoarding.

Could add some art and design references, for example : what you want to research on art and design in your idea ? Who did similar research in their area ?

Nanto Fukasawa - without thought - how to link to my idea - combine linking app with real product together - effect deeper or not ?

Also she said, this proposal writing should be sound like an artist or designer, not business manager.


The English individual study helps me to get to understand :

1. The difference between ‘interested’ and ‘interesting’ : ’interested’ is about what you feel / ‘interesting’ is about the quality of it

2. Always add ’to’ after ’need’ : need to …

3. The difference between a conjunctive and the linking word : for example ‘Also’ and ‘And’

I learned how to …, and got to …

I learned how to …. Also, I got to …

Both are helping two sentences link together.

Conjunctive always start with capital letter, follow after full stop, but the linking word usually follow after comma.

Feedback :

In general, watch out for word form, when you use ‘rings’ or ’to do sth’, try to figure out the best way to use.

Fri / 7 / Feb / 2018

I went to individual study for help about my Unit 7 proposal writing, I discussed with Pauline and got some feedbacks from below and some questions that I should be concern with :

Why people need to concern this ? - What is an issue ?

Why they are overbuying ?

Why are you interesting ? - personal experience of moving around in different countries (I realized …)

Product deal with it - purpose : need to realize this issue (awareness) / realized already but need help with (tool)

Research : how people can change their habit ? - Experiment : my idea of linking apps with real product together will effect people deeper than only use apps  (interviews)

I learned how to express my idea in more clearly way in the writing form, though the conversation between me and Pauline, it helps me to make my idea much clear in the way of easy to understand, and become more straight forward to show.

Sat / 3 / Feb / 2018

By using notes given from my tutors about my projects, I start to did some mind map and researches in CSM library, and started gather the informations about the relationship between people and wardrobe, especially clothes.

I also found my friend who is studying BA Fashion Marketing at LCF, I discuss with about my project of over-buying.

She helped me to found the main point and issue behind my project :

Why quick fashion is an issue ?  (external reason - what consumer don't see)

Increase waste

Increase expense

Harm environment (unsustainable)

Children labour

Third country making

Chemicals (bad for body - labourer and consumer)

Good examples :  LUSH and The Body Shop : environment friendly and non animal testing, which means protect animal and good for labour, and consumer understands it, buy it, they will think, oh I am helping the environment, do it as charity for environment.

She also told me her perspective about my product is making this product become persuasiveness, to arouse consumer understand the issue behind the quick fashion and over-buying, don't worry about is gonna sell well or not.

Thu / 1 / Feb / 2018

I learnt how to find a starting point of idea by thinking though my own personal hobbies or habits, thus I chosen ‘organizing’. And discussed with my tutors about my idea behind it is around overbuying and quick fashion, which they think I can do much wider range from it, like bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

By developing this idea though explore different aspects of context, for example :

Historical context; cultural context; pathway context; my personal context; art and design context; end user context; and political or ethical context.

Which helps me to think about a boarder and deeper range of researches for my Unit 7 project.

Also it could be a range of ideas or a series of outcome, to help me shows my theme in depth and help the audiences or customers clearly understand my project.

Could focus on the theme I good at and more comfortable with, however add in a bit unknown areas to challenging myself, like explore of using different materials.

Getting into a habit of update the new plan in each week, start planning and writing on Monday.

Mon / 29 / Jan / 2018

Notes from Unit 7 lecture :

Make a plan!!!

Plan more time for final outcome just in case any unknown reason showed up

Make a story, a good story

Including any mistakes and any trying

Remember keep testing and experimenting

Really good high quality of photos of final outcome (lifestyle and close up of product)

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